A few months after buying a Kindle...
by nakubu at 2011-03-02 15:59:34

... and I realize that it actually made me an avid reader!

So I bought a Kindle a few months back. I bought it because I got out of the habit of reading, and more into the habit of playing mindless videogames (Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2) and I wanted to kick-start my interest in reading again by pushing money into it as an investment. So, my thoughts on this investment? It was a glorious one!

The low price-point of books on the Kindle store enticed me to buy books I would otherwise have not have purchased, but rather have borrowed from a library or a friend or something. So I started by joining my two interests, gaming and reading. I will admit to this incredibly nerdy purchase: I bought Mass Effect Ascension, since I love the Mass Effect universe. That book was devoured within 2 nights. It wasn't the best book (or even a good book, sadly), but it got me interested in novels again, so I picked up some of the stuff on Amazon's Free Classics Section, and read Alice in Wonderland, War of the Worlds, and a bit of Picture of Dorian Gray, until I realized it was a terribly boring book about a bunch of whiny guys who have everything in the world but still want more. I bought a few more books like Mort by Terry Pratchett, which was a fun read. These books piqued my interest in reading again, and outside of the Kindle world, I'm current reading Carl Sagan's The Demon Haunted World, going through some of Dijkstra's Manuscripts, and feverishly checking reddit for more things to consume!

The financial investment totally guilt tripped me into using the device, and it is actually working. Also, the speed at which you can buy and download books (um, near-instant) combined with my impulsiveness makes me buy books, and it's portable, so I actually read it wherever I go. It hasn't been damaged in my travel bags yet (I got a leather case for it). The guilt made me actually force myself to find time, and I finally got back into the habit of reading. I've finally moved past the guilt-tripping, and now it's habit again. Joy!

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nice try, wolfe:P

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